An agreement can determine the rights and obligations that a Husband and Wife will have before, during, and after a marriage.


More than just parting ways, divorce is a legal determination of your rights and obligations after a marriage ends.


An alternate means of getting divorced that typically involves less hostility and expense.


Paternity law determines the legal relationship between a parent and a child.


A modification action is appropriate when trying to change existing child support, alimony, or time-sharing.


A legal process to provide victims or potential victims with the protection they need.

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Welcome to The Law Office of Rohe, Twyman & Associates

At the law office of Rohe, Twyman, & Associates, we offer outstanding legal services in the area of family law. We offer expertise, knowledge, and compassionate legal assistance in the handling of your family law case. Whether you need specialized assistance from divorce attorneys, a child custody attorney, or a general family law attorney, we are here to provide the assistance your case can benefit from.

Family Law Practice Areas

As a multi practice law firm, we are able to lend our expertise and knowledge of the law in a variety of different practice areas. Our practice areas include prenuptials, paternity, enforcement, dissolution, collaborative divorce, modifications, dependency, and injunctions. We proudly serve the Central Florida community including The VIllages, FL, Clermont, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Trust in Our Experience

Our team of attorney has the experience to help you navigate the challenges of your family law case with success. Whether your case requires a child support lawyer or child adoption lawyer, we can provide you with the legal advisement and resources that can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

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Contact us to schedule a consultation with an attorney by calling our Lake County office at (352) 742-0583 or the Orange County office at (407) 905-0500. You can also send inquiries by email to info@rohetwyman,com. We look forward to providing you with outstanding legal services to resolve your family law concerns.


A.J. Rohe

A.J. Rohe is a partner at Rohe Twyman, P.A., and has been practicing law in Lake County since 1997. He began working with James F. Keedy, which later became Keedy Á Rohe, P.A. In late 2002, A.J. started his own firm.
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Dusty Twyman

Attorney Dusty L. Twyman is a partner at Rohe Twyman, P.A., and has a very impressive scholastic record.  She received her Juris Doctor Degree from Emory University School of Law.
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Krishna Domenech
Associate Attorney

Krishna is an associate attorney at Rohe Twyman, P.A.  She graduated cum laude from Florida A&M College of law and practiced for a year before joining Rohe Twyman.
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Andrew Graf
Associate Attorney

Andrew is an associate attorney at Rohe Twyman, P.A.  He graduated cum laude from Stetson University College of law and became a member of the firm shortly thereafter.
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A valuable member of the law office team is Cynthia A. Gerber-Bradfield.  Ms. Gerber-Bradfield has been a resident of Winter Garden for over 20 years and has worked as a paralegal / legal assistant in the Central Florida area for ...(click here to continue).

Cindy Gerber-Bradfield


With many years of legal and business experience, Susie has developed a sharp eye for how businesses get “bogged down” with inefficiencies, and miscommunications — her experience in dealing with these issues leads to ... (click here to continue).

Susie Martinez-McMullen

Office Administrator/Paralegal

Each day Cindy is motivated by the opportunity to help people through the difficult issues that often accompany Family Law cases. Cindy enjoys spending time with her mother and her Jack Russell Terrier, Charlie. She is... (click here to continue).

Cindy Terry


Karen Minnis is probably best summed up as "the office entertainment." Karen loves to laugh and make others laugh. Growing up in a small town in West Virginia and watching her parents go through a bitter divorce, Karen knew....(click here to continue).

Karen Minnis


Joanne Duncan is a seasoned paralegal with nearly 20 years of experience mainly in the area of family law. She was first introduced to family law in 1995 while working as a legal assistant and going through a divorce herself...(click here to continue).

Joanne Duncan